As of today there will be some changes in the ownership of the ADA4Profit stake pool A4PEU.

John and me decided to discontinue our partnership in the ADA4Profit stake pool A4PEU in mutual agreement.

It was John’s desire to follow his heart and another path than the ADA4Profit stake pool. This didn’t came as a surprise to me. John won’t be lost for the Cardano community since he will endavour for new challenges.

I personally like to thank John for his contribution to ADA4Profit stake pool that goes back to the start of the Haskell Testnet and wish him good luck with his future activities in the Cardano community.

Like with any business the loss of John will leave an empty spot behind especially as being the face of the ADA4Profit Youtube channel. I will try to find a replacement to fill in this empty spot on the short term.

Further nothing will change to the ADA4Profit stake pool, our stake pool pledge is guaranteed for the period of 3 years (as agreed between John and me from the start) and the stake pool will be run with the same commitment and motivation.

I will personally take care of the marketing of the stake pool and acquire new stake for our stake pool so that we can guarantee our delegators with good rewards on their stake. At the moment of writing I am running a “Potential rewards” campaign to attract new stake.

We lost since epoch 225 more than half of our stake mainly because of the unpleasant effects of BFT nodes. All support we can get to compensate for this loss is appreciated.