Why a ticker change?

On 01/06/2021 I made a change to the ticker name of ADA4Profit stake pool.

The majority of my delegators voted JUNO over A4PEU as ticker name and as such I changed the ticker to JUNO. Reason for this change was, JUNO is easier to remember and sounds more friendly. Another reason for changing the ticker name was that people in the community complained to my delegators that ticker name A4PEU sounded like a scam.

Basically nothing changes since the ticker name is not stored on the blockchain, the pool identified on the blockchain by its unique stake pool id.

I only had to re-register the stake pool on the chain with new meta-data and changed on some third party websites and my own stake pool website A4PEU into JUNO. Existing documents and promotion video’s are not being changed, so that the history of this change is not being wiped. I will make new content with the new ticker JUNO.

3rd party tools

In case you like to look up my stake pool details via pooltool.io, adapools.org or cardanoscan.io you should now use JUNO instead of A4PEU.

Notice that ADA4Profit is very transparent in comparison with many other stake pools. I am posting the blockchain height and the number of slots assigned per epoch to pooltool.io while the majority is not doing this.

Why is it important for a delegator to have this information available?

  1. On basis of the blockchain height a delegator can verify that the stake pool ledger is in sync with the network and not running behind which would cause loss of assigned slots.
  2. On basis of the number of slots assigned per epoch the delegator can verify if the stake pool is creating all blocks blocks assigned or not. In case a stake pool does not create all blocks on basis of slots assigned this has negative consequences on rewards for delegators. Note: Not in all situations the stake pool operator has control over this, think about slot battles on basis of the same slot being assigned to multiple pools or overlapping on basis of BFT nodes that support the Byron phase of the Cardano network.


To avoid spoofing (someone else wants to use the same ticker to impersonate my stake pool) I have added security against this by registering my stake pool with an extra hexadecimal string. This hexadecimal string is connected to the ticker JUNO in a register. Once someone else tries to register another stake pool with the same ticker it will fail because it will do first a lookup in this register.


I am looking forward for you joining my stake pool under the new ticker JUNO.

Thank you, Ron