Thank you

A personal thank you

Today we got a very generous delegation to our stake pool of 1.7 mln ADA. This is bringing our stake pool JUNO back on track and within the top 200 stake pools where in our opinion we belong.

We like to thank this anonymous delegator very much for his/her trust in our stake pool operation.

ADA4Profit is very ambitious and aiming for a top 100 spot with our stake pool JUNO.

In order to achieve this we are not sitting still, but we are creating more content, so that potential delegators can see that besides technical knowledge we know what it takes to run a professional business.

For ADA owners who didn’t delegate their stake yet, join us in our ambition to reach a top 100 spot.

ADA4Profit is welcoming you to our stake pools JUNO and SATURN, together we can make this happen. We will take care of excellent returns on your stake.