A4PUS successfully retired

With the end of epoch 2013 our stake pool A4PUSSATURN was successfully retired.

In case you didn’t re-delegate yet your stake on basis of our announcement, your ADA was automatically released and will be available for delegation through Daedalus, ADAlite and Yoroi.

We like to thank our delegators for their trust in us.

Unfortunately due to the market circumstances and not enough delegation we were not able to fulfill what we promised and had give up on our pool A4PUS – SATURN and merge it into A4PEU – JUNO.

Hopefully we see you back in A4PEUJUNO under the same conditions, if not we wish you all the luck in staking with another stake pool.

We wish for all our delegators a high return on their stake, something we cannot guarantee if the lottery is not favoring us even though the probability calculation says something else.

We can only continue our efforts and do all that is possible for our delegators, by attracting more delegators. Since the protocol will only reward pools with enough stake. (The probability becomes higher to forge a block)

Despite dedicated hardware, fail-over, different data centers, ddos protection, network connectivity, security, linux skills, experience and pledge, this all seems to have zero influence.

But we have enough points left where we differentiate from other stake pools and why you should stake with us, curious what these points are? Join our Telegram group