As contribution to the Cardano community, we prepared a Delegation Guide to help you in delegating your owned ADA to a stake pool.

In this guide we explain the “How To’s”:

  • Buying ADA at an exchange
  • Install the Deadalus Shelley Testnet wallet
  • Guide in transferring tADA from the faucet to Deadalus Shelley Testnet wallet
  • Choosing a stake pool to delegate to. Questions to ask yourself before you make a choice in delegating your owned ADA to a stake pool
  • Learning to delegate your owned ADA, example on basis of tADA from the faucet
  • Transferring your ADA tokens from an exchange to your Deadalus Mainnet wallet
  • You can download our guide in the following url: ADA4Profit delegation guide v1.01 07-25020

In our upcoming blog, we will describe how you can restore your Deadalus Byron Mainnet wallet. In the latest Deadalus Shelley Testnet wallet. Showing how to make use of your passphrase to unlock your snapshot tADA for delegation.

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