It is about 3 months ago since we launched the alpha version of our delegation tracker, but we think many of you are still not aware of this community based solution. Also there have been many new people showing their interest in Cardano who might not know of this solution.

So we think it does not hurt to bring it again under  your attention.

You might think why bother with another delegation tracker, since there are already solutions for this. This is correct but we think that the available solutions are containing an overwhelming amount of information. In our opinion this information in most cases is not serving stake pool operators and delegators in their best interest.

From our own experience in guiding and helping new people to onboard in the Cardano ecosystem we understand that there is a big gap between what the current solutions offer and what people are expecting regarding the information being presented. As a stake pool operator we encounter the same issues with the existing solutions.

To grow the Cardano ecosystem we think it is important to make the barriers as low as possible for newcomers to enter the system. This plus our own experiences with the existing solutions as stake pool operator was for us the reason to start the development of a new type of delegation tracker with the goal to provide delegators and stake operators with a solution that will deliver value on basis of which better decisions can be made.

The goal of the delegation tracker is not to favor any stake pools over others by ranking them like the other solutions do, but to provide delegators with information that is assisting them in making the best choice for their purpose. Stake pool operators should be provided with information that does matter to them and supports them to run their stake pool(s) efficiently.

In our delegation tracker we make use of external information that is already available. Instead of rebuilding something that already exists we rather put our time in development new functionality that is delivering real value for delegators and stake pool operators. This is the reason why we are linking to this external information.

The alpha release is a web based only version of the delegation tracker.

As the name suggests it is an early release that may still have bugs, it does not necessarily contain all information we intend to develop for delegators and stake pool operators. The alpha version gives you insight in what direction we are thinking to provide more valuable information towards delegators and stake pool operators.

Since the initial alpha release we have fixed many bugs and added the following functionality:

  • Activity – you can now find the stake movements for any stake pool
  • Favorites – you can now tag your favorite stake pools and they will show on the top of the web page
  • Stake pool categories – instead of ranking stake pools we have categorized them so you can easily find the stake pools you’re interested in
  • Stake pool comparison – you can compare stake pools not on their categories and performance during an epoch
  • Delegation trend – you can see the delegation trend of a stake pool and select the timeframe you are interested in
  • Blog – we have added a blog to share content about the delegation tracker and other topics with you, this can be found under

Progress of the delegation tracker

Architecture of the solution 100%
UI/UX design 100%
Backend development 95%
Frontend development 20%
Feature functionality for SPOs 15%
Feature functionality for Delegators 15%

You can expect videos that show you how to make us of the delegation tracker in case you don’t know yet.

We are hoping for engagement of the community,  stake pool operators and delegators so we can collect their feedback and build a solution that does match up with their requirements and wishes.

We will make a number of iterations to add new functionality and to fix bugs to bring the solution forward into a beta stage.

We will continue developing the delegation tracker during 2021. After that we will re-evaluate if there is enough interest, we are measuring this. Your feedback and use does really matter to us and for the future of the delegation tracker.

If the community sees value in our solution, we will make the delegation tracker also available as mobile solution for Android and IOS.

You can contribute to the solution by helping us testing the solution, file bugs and suggestions what is important to you. For this we are providing a form in delegation tracker via which you can inform us.

We will prioritize on basis of this and add the most requested functionality to deliver iterative new functionality to the delegation tracker.

Requested functionality and bugs will be made publicly available for transparency and we will update you on bug fixes and new functionality being added to the delegation tracker.

We are looking forward for your contribution and feedback so that we are able to create a delegation tracker that will deliver better value for everyone.

We appreciate the feedback we received so far and like to thank you already for your involvement and contribution to the Delegation tracker powered by JUNO stake pool.

Cheers Ron and the JUNO dev team