If you didn’t already know, JUNO stake pool is developing a solution for the Cardano community called Delegation tracker.

Next to this JUNO stake pool is busy developing several other commercial offerings on Cardano, Dapp for Business Contracts and Artano an NFT Marketplace.

The Delegation tracker is developed from our stake pool rewards and is our contribution to the Cardano community and the success of Cardano.


With the Delegation tracker we aim to help delegators and stake pool operators. Via a user friendly clean user interface we deliver data insights about your stake or stake pool. These data insights should help you in managing your stake or stake pool better.

As part of our work for the Delegation tracker we have opened a blog where we will be posting articles about the Delegation tracker and related topics that could help you as a delegator and stake pool operator.

As kick-off for the Delegation tracker blog we created a series of articles for delegators.

We hope these articles will be useful to you.

If you like our work please show some of your appreciation by staking with JUNO stake pool.

Thank you,

Ron, stake pool operator JUNO