Juno stakepool has been operating stake pools on Cardano since ITN. Due to this we have a lot of experience with the Cardano ecosystem components and running a stake pool great efficiency.

We were one of the first 50 stakepools that registered themselves on Mainnet. Unfortunately this plus our marketing efforts to promote the stakepool were no guarantee to be recognized by the community of delegators.

Our maximum delegation was at the start of 2021 10.5M ADA, unfortunately the amount of stake did quickly go downhill when some whales left our stake pool despite many efforts that were made to increase our stake.

We resigned ourselves with the idea that delegators don’t like to support smaller stakepools to secure the network but rather stake with SPOs that are constantly in the picture and express themselves vocally instead of supporting a team that is working hard behind the scenes on the development of the Cardano ecosystem.

We continue operating JUNO stakepool with the same enthusiasm making sure that the delegators left get nice rewards on their stake via steady block productions and zero to none downtime. Our operations will not be downscaled to reduce on costs but we guarantee a stakepool with professional equipment located in different datacenters that is operated 24/7.

Via Telegram you can still reach me related to questions, I am glad to help answer them or give you an update about other developments.

From May 2021 we decided to solely concentrate ourselves on the development of solutions on the Cardano ecosystem instead of trying to further promote our stakepool which has led to limited success.

Via one of my co-owned companies Dquadrant I managed to enter the Plutus Partner Development program (only 8 software companies were able to enter this program). Currently we are building reference implementations for IOHK for NFT marketplace and Stable coin.

Further my business partner and me joined forces with the Artano project and we are co-owner of the Artano NFT Marketplace. We are responsible for building the solution, helping to craft the product roadmap and contributing to many other aspects to make this startup on Cardano a success. I am also operating the stake pool for Artano going under the ticker ARTA.

We will use the knowledge about Cardano we have been building over the past years plus our experience with software development to contribute to the success of the Cardano blockchain.

Support our work by staking with JUNO stake pool, a stake pool that does more for the Cardano ecosystem.