Are You Ready? We Are ! Last week we worked very hard to automate most of our tasks. Have a look at our dashboard. The result has been phenomenal and performance of our stake pools has been excellent.

As you can see from the dashboard below, we are currently running two stake pools and 4 relays from the EU and the USA. We plan further expansion in ASIA this month. You can find our stake pools via the following links ₳4PROFIT-EU-JUNO and ₳4PROFIT-US-SATURN or on and search for “ADA4”.

Kibana dashboard view of ADA4Profit community stake pool for the Cardano blockchain
Our Grafana dashboard, that is giving us insights in our two stake pools and relays running on the latest version (1.14.2) of cardano-node

Last week we had a good hands-on experience with the change of the genesis block and are now prepared for what is coming. Exciting times are ahead as a stake pool operator. Establishing our stake pools and being part of the wonderful Cardano community has been very rewarding. Things are steadily improving as the project progresses.

We’d like to thank all the community members that cooperated with us and shared information. We would especially like to thank IOHK for their continuous hard work to get to this level. We look forward to the launch of Shelley Mainnet.