Cold stake your ADA using hardware wallets

Learn how to delegate your ADA to a stake pool

Whether you use:

• A Ledger Nano S

• A Ledger Nano X

• A Trezor Model T

Enjoy rewards along with the peace of mind and safety that comes with cold staking.

Stake your digital currencies safely using a ledger Nano, protect your ADA

Stake your digital currency safely using a Trezor hardware wallet, protect your ADA

Unfortunately John decided to keep his video content and not to hand it over. So I had to replace this with a video from one of our colleague stake pool operators.

Delegate to ADA4Profit A4PEU [JUNO]. You’ll get much more than a stake pool. We’re building a community that has a vision far beyond just staking rewards. Our stake pool team and even some of our delegators are on the cutting edge of blockchain and smart contract solutions development.

Our servers are monitored 24/7. Join our Telegram community to learn more and meet some pretty special people.