Daedalus wallet, digital currency wallet for the Cardano blockchain to store your ADA

Daedalus wallet performance improvements

A new Daedalus wallet version is going to be released today. It is expected to be up to 100 times faster then the previous version. Underlying this Daedalus wallet a new version of the Cardano node 1.19.0 will be shipped. Yesterday the new node was published on github.

We are excited and looking forward for the final product to be shipped today after the last quality checks and tests have been done by the IOHK team.

Hopefully this will solve most of the problems Daedalus users are encountering and suffering from for a long time and will make the experience of the wallet overall better. Staking and the daily use of Daedalus will hopefully from now on a smooth process.

For us the shipped release will be the moment where we are updating our pool and relay nodes to 1.19.0, so we are assured the node passed the latest quality checks.

Yesterday after the code of node 1.19.0 came online we did ourselves some test on one of our test nodes. We can confirm that the startup time is about 3 times faster for us and the syncing time is also reduced in comparison with version 1.18.0 (Above is depending on your hardware configuration, so it can be different for you)

Performance improvement Cardano-node

Main reasons for a better performance are:

• optimizations made on the chain validation and re-validation

• optimizations made on opening the database

Further the new Daedalus wallet delivers integration with SMASH, Cardanos stake pool meta data aggregation server.

Keep an eye on the release of the new Daedalus wallet today and let us know about your experiences.