Extended bonus ADA campaign

Because of an epic epoch 217 with a 16,24% ROS according to pooltool.io  We produced 5 blocks and we decided to extend our bonus ADA campaign with two extra epochs. Our terms & conditions are adjusted, they are favorable to earn even more bonus ADA. In case you join our stake pool before epoch 219 or 220 you would be eligible to earn bonus ADA.

People who are still doubting on our pool performance, are able to judge themselves on basis of the results in epoch 218 before committing themselves for 5 epochs.

We are confident that our stake pool JUNO ticker A4PEU will do just fine, hopefully we will be able to replicate our success in epoch 217 also in the coming epochs.

In short, we are in search for 10 mln extra ADA to be staked in our pool. Main reason for this is we want to grow our small stake pool. We like to be competitive and produce blocks on a regular basis during an epoch and be less dependent on the randomness of the lottery. Our goal is to see our stake pool produce multiple blocks within an epoch like it did in epoch 217. This will help to improve the decentralization and security of the Cardano network. An additional 10 mln ADA staked in our stake pool will help us to achieve our goal.

We started our bonus ADA campaign in epoch 217 to attract new stake to our stake pool for epoch 218 and are now continuing it for two more epochs. Delegate your stake with us and receive bonus ADA. Your stake needs to stay in our stake pool for five consecutive epochs starting from epoch 219 or epoch 220.

ADA4Profit extended its bonus ADA campaign on basis of the performance in epoch 217

Terms & conditions extended bonus ADA campaign

Following terms & conditions do apply to our extended bonus ADA campaign:

  • You need to delegate your stake for a minimum of 5 consecutive epochs with us.
  • Bonus ADA rewards are only applicable for a minimum of 5 consecutive epochs starting from epoch 219 and 220.
  • We will distribute the bonus ADA rewards at the end of the 5th epoch, thus epoch 224 or 225 depending on your entrance.
  • You need to delegate your stake with us before the start of epoch 219 or 2020.
  • Delegate 100K ADA or more with us and you get 20 bonus ADA per epoch (maximum 100 ADA plus an extra bonus of 12 ADA).
  • Delegate 250K ADA or more with us and you get 45 bonus ADA per epoch (maximum 225 ADA plus an extra bonus of 26 ADA).
  • Delegate 500K ADA or more with us and you get 90 bonus ADA per epoch (maximum 450 ADA plus an extra bonus of 52 ADA).
  • Delegate 1M ADA or more with us and you get 200 bonus ADA per epoch (maximum 1000 ADA plus an extra bonus of 115 ADA).
  • A combination of the above is also possible. For example you are delegating 355K ADA with us. In this case you insure yourself of 20 plus 45 ADA = 65 bonus ADA per epoch plus an extra bonus of 38 ADA.
  • Everyone that is delegation 20K or more is going to be part of a raffle. We are giving away 250 bonus ADA, that will be shared equally between two winners. The raffle will take place at the end of the fifth epoch starting from epoch 219 and 220.
  • For our existing delegators the same terms & conditions apply.
  • In case you like to increase your stake, this stake will not be eligible for bonus ADA in case epoch 219 or 220 is already started.
  • Decreasing your stake after the start of epoch 219 or 220 will disqualify you from bonus ADA. We need your stake during a period of 5 consecutive epochs to produce more blocks and grow our stake pool. Removing your stake will be counter productive and as such will be penalized
  • We have a max cap of 20M ADA for this action on a first come first serve basis. In case our new stake would exceed 20M we are not paying any bonus ADA over this exceed.

New and existing delegators should provide us with proof of their delegation. You should provide the following information to us. Source address from which the delegation took place, transaction id and the amount of ADA delegated. You should provide this information as soon as possible to us. We will verify this information.


We guarantee the airdrop at the end of the fifth epoch to everyone complying with the above terms & conditions. We will only airdrop to delegation source addresses to avoid scamming.

We airdrop you bonus ADA if you delegating your stake with ADA4Profit during the bonus campaign


You can delegate your stake via Deadalus, ADAlite or Yoroi wallet. The last two wallets also support cold staking via ledger or trezor hardware. See tutorial videos on our YouTube channel for cold staking.

Staking process in Daedalus wallet


ADA4Profit is not responsible for possible wrong provided information by the delegator. So please check your information carefully before handing this information over to us.

Contact us

Contact us via direct message or via our telegram group if you like to be part of this campaign. We like to come to an agreement with you to grow our stake pool.

Hurry up if you want to reserve your spot and support small pool operators in achieving their goals. First come first serve.

We are looking forward for your stake contribution, we won’t disappoint you.

Thank you, John & Ron